November's Rumors!

Raiders keep sacking all the outlying areas around Steel Horse. It’s starting to get really bad with more people going through the morgue every day.


Heard the Sons finally got theirs! Thank fucking goodness! Ain’t none been caught for months until now!


“Heard the townsfolk killed some big spiders. Heard they dint have eggs in em cause they was in raider-kinda people. Yeh, I said IN THEM.”

“Spider and snakes.  What’s next?  Bats?  Crap, it’s gonna be bats…”


Travel is getting horrible out there on the roads.  Seems like there aren’t enough folks to keep them safe.  Glad the train still runs on time.


“Did you hear that Del fella got elected to the council in Steel Horse?  Must be in the pocket of the Rovers to make it on the council…”

“I know we gots a lotta rovers and such, but a town council with almost all rovers? That ain't right. Soon we’ll all haveta be eating and making babies instead of working cause’a stupid new laws.”

“Rovers are some of the best slavers out there.  They are always moving stock around and keeping the best for themselves.  Might at least see a few more Irons on hand.”


“If you aren’t Hedon or Sainthood, Steel Horse ain’t really welcoming to you.  Final Knights, Darwinists, Fallow Hope and Telling Visionists are treated like second class citizens.  Not what the Works advertises.  Hope they clean that up sooner than later, my wife believes in the glow!”


Looks like the gravemind’s gotta taste for ‘Mericans. Maybe it just wanted to get a bit tipsy.


The local scientists are using semper morte technology to create immortal raccoons.  


“Heard the Blood Ravens came out for mating season.  Told folks they shoulda stuck inside.”
“We lost one or two, but it sounds like another one or two got free?”

“Lucky bastards!  Bein’ outside like that is even more dangerous late in the harvest.”


“Did you hear that the fires under Steel Horse are starting to go out? Gonna be a cold winter if that’s the case.”


“Everything’s gone pear-shaped ‘round here lately. The living are trying to kill ya and summa the dead are trying to protect ya’. Steel Horse don't know which way is up anymore.”

“Let’s just talk about raiders killing each other for a moment, shall we?”

“Between that, and the odds and ends like that sniffer thing killing what supposedly weren’t Del, I’m not sure which way is up.  Someone smarter than me should sort this right quick.”


“What the ever living shit is wrong with the morgue? Did you see the doll actually in front of town hall?

Junior thinks its funny to take those dolls from the morgue. Sumthin ain't right in that guy’s head.”


“Saw a big ole scarecrow walking around with folk in town. They was treating it like a person. I swear everyone’s gone insane.”


Those Bloom Industry folk keep coming around.  I heard one of them talking about having the Navy shell the town if they couldn’t get “it”.  What the high holy is that for?  I didn’t do nothin!  I don’t even know what “it” is!