April's Rumors!

·         “I heard a rover got dragged out into the night by a monster and eaten alive. Heard he ain’t come back yet neither. Some folks been sayin’ that everybody could hear him screaming but his friends were too afraid to go out and save ‘im. It’s a damned shame.”

·         “It’s such a shame! Did you hear that the Wyleson Family plots got decimated? The Wylseon are hysterical! Poor Addie has been crying for days.”

·         “Story goes people have been asking for slave traders to come in through Steel Horse. I don’t know how they been saving up all that money, but I suppose folks do need some help rebuilding around here. I wonder if the abolitionists are gunna come out the woodwork now?”

·         “Healed up some folk the other night, I did.  Said they was from Pine Grove, came lookin for the Dereck brothers.  Barely paid ‘em no mind when they got in, though, so says they.  Had to give ‘em some food and such to get ‘em back to their home.”

·         “That rancid smell coming from Steel Horse Crossing is the corpses of all those orphans what went missing several years ago.  They just bury them under that inn whenever they kill another.”

·         “Lots of religious folk been coming into Steel Horse to get followers. TVs, Final Knights, always some kind of Sainthood looking to do some good. Maybe the town’s starting to wear on ‘em and they need some prayin’ to get ‘em through the hard times?”

·         “Ain’t no mistaking, that fella Zell-Ann was asking on about a while back was in town again.  Old fella in his lab coat, all bundled up right for cold.  Hear that he got his hands on some new fancy Doc, tore his eyes straight out.  Wonder if Zell’s heard?  Seems he’s a nutter now.”

·         “Can almost smell the sulfur in the air.  It’s burning season coming to be sure.  You see a hole in the ground, you best step away so you don’t get burned by the fire spouts.”

·         “That town committee thing has been waiting on approval from the Elder Council, but I hear rumors that the Natural Ones don’t feel the town helped where they were requested.  No Pitstops gone, no committee?  That’s an even split as best I can tell.  Who breaks those ties?”

·         “Did you hear that music the other night?  If you could even call it that.  Sounded like some court were getting rowdier than usual.”

·         “Some kid came into town looking for their Da, Lorra I think their name was. Poor kid couldn’t get anyone to help her find her Pa and instead the townsfolk just sent a little food home ‘cause they too spooked to leave their buildings. Everybody lookin’ out for themselves, I guess.”

·         “Rumor has it Pitstops is coming out of Steel Horse proper, like they is in cahoots or something.  I don’t believe it, but could you imagine?”

·         “People been sayin’ they got ate by a snowbank, a giant monster with horns, and that some folks didn’t even die proper-like when they were dead. I’m guessing the madness sunk in real deep this Winter. Thank goodness it’s Spring and they all can get their heads straight!”