Hey, Did You Hear? - November's Rumors

Did you Hear.png

Attention all Steel Horse Crossing Citizens: The Ironworks is conducting tests on you!  Someone said it, so it must be true.  Please make sure everyone is aware that you are all science experiments.  Also, robots.


That strange mist that was talked about last month is getting closer and more prominent every night!


Raiders have been testing the town borders, looking for weak spots.  It’s clear that there are gaps in the line, even with the military shifting their concentration to try and throw off any plans that may be forming under Badda’s command.


Well, Fuckstart has been reported more often in skirmishes.  Last one that came through was with a group of Pitstops in tow, seemingly in line with the other cheeseheads.  Aren’t they on the opposite sides?


There are things… things in the forest.


Some kind of pirate was in town, looking for a crew.  Sounds like he’s already been turned in to the Ironworks, and folks should be on the lookout for him or others he is communicating with.  Some Ironworks officials were tossing around treason as a punishment!


Well, the Snowfoot are up to hijinks again.  What’s a Bray Beast?


Looks like no one has caught the man in black yet.  Saw the silhouette of that hat and coat up on a hill and couldn’t have beat feet fast enough.  Fuck that witch.


Any reason there’s been a big fuck off raven flying over the Corvid caravan?  No?  Must want bacon.


Ok, so if I take a well crafted Sweet Georgia and use the brewing station to infuse it with a Black Stout, you’re telling me I not only get great alcohol, but I end up drunk enough to free both my mind and someone else’s?  I don’t believe this for a minute.


[Found pinned to the inside of the mail stop]

This is the last time

That we’ll get to see the dawn

Without holding hands.


I’ve tried to tell you,

But your ears are deaf to me.

Badda will fix it.


Everything is not

Open in the light; the night

Hides some of the truth.


Keep your ears open.

Do not believe everything.

But believe enough