Steel Horse Crossing Constitution

Section 1: The protectorates exist as a fundamental reminder of the inherent rights of all Citizens of Steel Horse Cross are entitled to. As well, they serve as guidelines to future law crafters, so they serve the common needs of the people without trampling those things we hold supreme.

  1. SELF-DEFENSE. The ability to protect oneself from the dangers of the Wasteland are necessary and shall not be infringed.

  2. RELIGIOUS AUTONOMY. Individual expression and practice of any and all faiths shall not be impeded. These practices, however, shall not be exempt from lawful ordinance.

  3. BODILY AUTONOMY. We are the ones ultimately in control of ourselves and our destinies. No law, or nation, may impede, or be imposed, as an attempt to force someone into action.

Certain elements of these protectorates can be waived in the case of dangerous criminals, up to and including loss of the protectorate of SELF-DEFENSE, RELIGIOUS AUTONOMY, and freedom of movement. However, BODILY AUTONOMY shall not be impeded.

Section 2: Officials in the Government Bodies that comprise the overall Government of Steel Horse Crossing shall follow these guidelines.

  1. Resident and Citizen of Steel Horse Crossing

  2. Holding no other position in a foreign government

  3. Be endorsed by 3 non-affiliated individuals

  4. All officials shall hold office for a term of 5 months

  5. An official may not hold consecutive terms

  6. An official may not hold more than one position per term

Voting shall be conducted on the 7th and 12th trade month of the year.

Every Citizen shall be entitled to two votes in each of the Government Bodies Elections. Votes may not be spent both on one candidate.

Voting shall be conducted in the following fashion:

  1. Provide proof of citizenship

  2. Receive a ballot to be filled out privately

    a. For those unable to read or write, a Depot Official shall be provided.

  3. Ballot shall be registered and counted via double-blind, through both the Depot and the Elder Council

For those unable to attend trade during election month a proxy may be selected and empowered by sending them along with the proxied citizenship paperwork.

Section 3: Three Bodies of Government shall be what compose the Greater Government.

Town Council (5 Positions)

  1. The Body shall be empowered to create and repeal laws.

  2. The Body shall be empowered to create administrative bodies and appoint individuals to oversee them.

  3. A majority vote is required to pass a law or measure.

Law Enforcement - Sheriff (2 Positions)

  1. This Body shall be empowered to investigate any reported crime.

  2. This body shall see to enforcement of Judicial Punishment.

  3. May appoint Citizens as Deputies to assist in Duties.

Judicial Authority - Judges (2 Positions)

  1. Empowered to sit in judgement over criminal cases, render verdicts, and decide on fair punishments excluding death (requires an additional vote by the Town Council)

  2. Empowered to interpret law and the fair application of its uses and needs

  3. Judicial Review shall view past cases for the precedence of proper judgment and punishment

Section 4: In cases of need, such as when found guilty of a crime, Officials may be removed from office.

  1. Judges and Sheriffs may be removed by a unanimous Town Council Vote of No Confidence

  2. Town Councilors may be removed by a unanimous vote of no confidence from Judges, Sheriffs, and other Town Councilors.

In the event of an Official being removed from office, a vote shall be held at the earliest convenience.

Section 5: All administrative functions and offices shall be properly staffed by appointment through majority votes of the Town Council.

By default, the Town Council must appoint a Mayor:

  1. Empowered to communicate the Town Council's actions to the Town.

  2. Responsible for seeing that all new laws and measures are communicated to the Town.

  3. May declare a State of Emergency in moments of immediate strife to assume limited executive power.

    a. A Town Council Meeting must be called within 1 Trade Meet to address the purpose of the State of Emergency.

  4. No action taken by the Mayor during a State of Emergency may be permanent in duration.

Section 6: Laws are a requirement of any civilized society.

The following are stated to be crimes:

  1. Murder

  2. Theft

  3. Property Damage

  4. Slavery

  5. Bribery of Officials

    a. The act of bribing an Official is an attempt to subvert the will of the People. To accept a bribe is to betray the trust of the People placed in an Official to represent the whole rather than the individual.

The Elder Council shall, in all circumstances, ratify laws passed within the boundaries of their home and land to ensure the interests of all citizens of each zone are upheld. Any zone of the larger whole of Steel Horse Crossing and surrounding lands found to operate outside of the Elder Council’s purview in this matter, on land granted to these zones, shall have said zone returned to the whole under care of the Elder Council and forego further rights as granted by said body.

Section 7: Citizenship of Steel Horse Crossing shall be defined by the Public Works of SHC and matters of citizenship shall be handled by Public Works. Any citizenship issued by Public Works before the ratification of this Constitution shall be considered valid. Proof of citizenship shall be issued by Public Works and no other entity.