3.0 Question & Answer Session Transcripts

Q: There are rumors afloat that the only weapon phys reps that will be permitted in 3.0 will be those crafted by DR officially authorized crafters.

A: Incorrect, any artist can create a weapon phys rep.  All weapons must past safety inspection at game as usual.


Q: For the rebuilds will all our experience points be melted down and available only for 1 character?

A: Each character will have their XP totals transferred to the new system.  You may then create or recreate a character with those totals. Keep in mind if you have three characters, you will have three separate totals.  You can put whatever character you like on whatever total you would like.  If you wish to bring a permed character back from the dead, please remember that you MUST get chapter approval to do so.


Q: Is the world building information in the tabletop books still canon? (Other than things such as the Iron strain name/other previously current slavery material, which is obviously no longer relevant to the present).

A: Currently, yes.  Onyx Path may change things in the future, but as it stands the splat books are still viable for canon purposes.


Q: Will those of us who already have Advanced Membership be charged the difference between the previous and new prices? Will our memberships drop or continue?

A: Your Advanced Membership will continue unchanged until it runs out, then you will need to purchase the Advanced Membership at the new rate.


Q: Will plot strings from 2.0 carry over with the time skip? (Such as, if I owe debt to an NPC and don't pay before the skip, will that debt come back to bite?)

A: This is a very personal question.  Some things will carry over the time skip, rover deals, non-time dependent plot strings, etc.  Some things will not.  If you have a specific question feel free to email and we can talk specifics.

Q:  Is strainism gone? Can differences between strains still be remarked upon in RP? Are Lineages to replace strain stratification?

A: Forced strainism is gone.  Baywalkers and Yorkers no longer are forced to hate each other via role play mechanics.  That doesn’t mean you have to like each other, but it’s not the strain that causes the dislike, rather something else.  Example: “That retrograde just gooped in my drink, how gross!”  Lineages are simply new information for the scientifically minded characters.  A research in genetics gave us new information to play with in game.


Q: The language in the book has changed from 2.0: no sexism, racism, etc. to 3.0: no parallels to real world oppression. Does this new language include such things as economic oppression? Are there no longer capitalism or totalitarian horrors in the wastes?

A: The idea of ‘real world oppression’ is personalized oppression based on the protected categories of age, sex, race, etc.  Economic oppression can still be a topic of play.


Q:  This might sound dumb and irrelevant, but I noticed the book only mentions caravans, cars, and airships. Trains still exist...right? If for some reason they don't anymore, did they ever, or did they just stop working?

A: Trains and boats still exist.  It was not an all encompassing list.


Q:  This will probably be answered by plot in the coming months...but is the Ironworks actually just gone?  The Chancellor is gone too? If so, would the Daleys still be considered important in the Ironworks?

A:  Great question!  We don’t know until Onyx Path puts out their book on the subject.  What that means for SHC is that we are going to be focusing our plot on the local area alone.  The people of the Ironworks still exist, but who knows what is going on up at the top?  Most of the big wigs are missing in action and therefore unable to be reached for comment.


Q: Okay I noticed that bullets have been limited to 50 combined darts or packets for guns. I am okay with this if, and it is a big if they could come out with a Gizmo ammo can (properly phys rep) for those of us with resources and time to prepare for a big fight. I have often carried 75 packets in the current system as I have run out of packets in big fights with only 50. I find this limitation along with projectile reduction and projectile immunity on zed to be closer to balancing the difference between melee and projectiles.

A:  The current blueprint list is just the bare bones basic blueprint list to get the game up and running.  There are more prints coming in the future and many possibilities that could happen based on those future blueprints.  This would be a wait and see situation.


Q: What are the differences between the directors? What does experience design mean? For example.

A: There are no more Directors, there are Owners and Employees.  Currently in Dystopia Rising: Wisconsin you have two owners and one employee.  Heather is in charge of Marketing, Customer Service(answering emails and communication), Community Management (keeping folks upbeat and excited) and Logistics (cards, inventory, character sheets), Mike is in charge of Visual Design (the way the game looks) and Conflict Resolution and Val is in charge of Experience Design(plot and story).


Q: As far as new players and exp/build, are new players truly coming in with no skills purchased, the language seems to indicate that to be the case.

A: Correct!  The idea behind 3.0 is to make this as friendly to new players as possible and to focus on story, rather than mechanics.  New players now focus on creating a character with a backstory and a costume and learn skills as they are needed during role play.  New players won’t have to worry about trying to find a build that suites their playstyle, and instead can worry about getting skills they actually need to have to have the experience they wish to have.  Since all weapons skills are inborn, they don’t have to worry about being able to learn those skills to protect themselves.  They can just pick up a weapon and use it!


Q: I'm slightly confused about home chapters vs travel chapters when it comes to an Advanced Membership. It looks like all of your characters now have to be based in the same "home" chapter even with an Advanced Membership, is that accurate?

A: You can role play your character to be based out of any area you would like, but administratively you have one point of contact to deal with character sheet issues and updates.  That is your ‘home’ game. 


Q: Can you explain zones?

A: There are now two ‘zones’ in 3.0.  The more civilized town center where the crafting stations and sleeping areas are and the wasteland where more intense combat and CvC heavy areas are.  Feel free to hang out in the area that most suites your characters!


Q: Perhaps this was handled via updates, however I'm struggling to find how Local Currency is introduced into the game aside from Elitariat Lineage advantage. Is this intended or did I miss a way for other Lineages to activate Proficient and deeper Civilized skills?

A: Most check in skills have gone by the wayside in 3.0.  Local Currency is introduced via plot and local mods.  These mods will be role play heavy with some aspect of toyetics introduced in order to give you a more immersive experience.  Examples: Work orders from the Locals/Navy requesting supplies for currency, Work details where scouting parties get paid for scouting things, etc.


Q:  If you currently have an AP, can you apply for another immediately or do you need to wait until 6 months from the 3.0 start?

A: If you currently have an AP you may start 3.0 with an AP.  Please make sure to check in with your local chapter to make sure you get this aspect of your character set up properly, not all APs are labeled the same.


Q: What's going on with crafting stations? Will there be prints? Can be build our own crafting stations to sequester away in the middle of the woods where Warpaths live?

A: At the start of 3.0 all crafting stations will be provided by the local chapter and will be set up in highly genrefied areas.  We do not know if there will be blueprints in the future to give the players access to ‘mobile crafting units’.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


Q: Will there still be restricted strains?

A: There are no restricted strains.  There WILL be costuming and backstory requirements for certain strains.  More information about that will be available on our website when updated for 3.0.


Q:  So what is happening with assistance points?

A:  We don’t know yet.  Rest assured we are working on something.  But nothing official has been announced at this time.


Q: How soon after the switch can you apply for a Professional Focus Achievement?

A: 6 months after Downfall.  This will allow us to get everyone up to speed on playing the game in the new format so we can focus on giving you an awesome story to go with your Achievement.


Q: How will transfers be handled leading up to, or after 3.0? I heard that you no longer lose all your items/currency/etc?

A: Correct!  After 3.0 you will no longer have to turn in your cards/currency/blueprints.  If you would like to wait to 3.0 to transfer you are welcome to do so.  Until Downfall, however, transfers will be handled as the norm.


Q: Combat skills seem to be extremely item dependent, and the most items only give damage spike abilites. Is that on purpose, or because we have so few prints?

A: That is on purpose.  We want characters to have an element of danger in the new system.  We want folks to consider their tactics as well as their weapons.  Are you on high ground?  Do you have a way to funnel your enemies?  Be smart about your tactics and you will be just as deadly as before with easier math.


Q: When will we be able to exchange current stuff for 3.0 stuff?

A: The current timeline says August 1st.  There will be more announcements on this as we get closer.



Q: Will we be able to buy Infection and Resolve during the Rewrite Process?

A: You can purchase up to 6 resolve during the rewrite process.  Infection can only be increased with in character role play options.


Q: What is happening with our local cults? Will we be grandfathered in? Do those ten members need to be from the same chapter? Can we become part of the local cult during the time skip?

A:  Local cults who have 10 members will be grandfathered in.  They do not need to be from the same chapter but you will need to check with the local team to make sure they will be accepting that cult in their game after 3.0.  You can not become part of a local cult during the time skip.  If you would like to join one, you are welcome to do so before or after the time jump.


Q: Are NoA considered baptized into their faith in 3.0 to start?  Is that all Devoted, or just Accensorites?

A: We are checking with folks about this, but for the moment, it is just Nation of Accensor.


Q:  Will faith subsects carry over?

A:  Most of them should, yes.


Q:  Is one a "priest" just by taking Faith skills then?

A: One is a priest by their role play.  Do they act like a priest?  Do they follow a faith?  You are what your role play holds up to.  None of the faith-based skills demand you call yourself a priest, but if you want to be considered one, the faith based skills are extremely useful.  You are what you role play, ultimately.  If you want to be a priest that does nothing but preach the tenants of your faith, but has no desire to be able to baptize anyone or do any of the other priestly skills, they are still a priest, just not one with those skills.


Q:  So to be clear - since our characters are turned into "point pools" if we're keeping a character through the rewrite and they are part of a religion, will they be able to keep that religion without having to be rebaptized?

A: Correct.  Cults will need approval, but your base faiths will carry over, yes.  If you want them to.