Hey, Did You Hear? - September's Rumors

“That Junior Black fella is General of some kind of fascist regime that’s trying to take over the area. Have you seen the thugs he’s got in his group?”

“My sister told me that our local graverobber was trying ta get some folks more infection so’s they don’t die soon but ended up killing a buncha folks in the process. Don’t seem like a good trade-off, does it?”

“The Steel Bloods sure have been doing a lot to help the town. They’s been coming into the area in droves and helping folks make traps and zed attractant to help with the oncoming horde. I guess our folks invited em to live here now and join the town government?”

“Town hasn’t done any elections yet, but they’ve done some judging and laws-makin’ and such. Prolly a good idea since town’s been getting so big these last few years.”

“Didja see the Norske fightin’ some guy last trade? He had their scarf, but they was fightin’ him, so who knows if they’re family or foe? Those Norske are confusing.”

“Folks sure have been researching that sickness going around, but I ain’t seen it getting anything but worse. They’s didn’t even have a library last trade, so they’re just talking to each other to figure out what to do. I’m tired of moving around and feeling sick, so’s them smart folk better hurry!”

“Holy Moly! A meat cult came to the Church of Bacon and they ended up sacrificing one of their own outside the kitchen and then when a fight broke out, the leader died and took Bells with him! Don’t worry though, one of the graverobbers spent a fortune of stuff and saved her. Now there’s group of people who’s gonna go hunting the cult down!”