Charity Drive

February Food Drive!

Food Drive.png

In Game:

Steel Horse Crossing is known for it's food!  It makes sense that we focus on getting the people of the wasteland fed.  With the upheval from the Trade Union's decree and the fight to free the Iron Slaves, not to mention the dangerous temperatures, food is at a premium!  If you donate oog to your local foodbank you can mark that donation in the name of one of the in game factions below.

RPM - The RPM is working directly against the Ironworks and will need help to feed the Irons as they are freed.

Ironworks Brewing Collective - The IBC is supporting change within the Ironworks and will need food to help with the added infrastructure costs.

Twelve-by-2 - Twelve-by-2 and her near raider DJs may still be out there and need food to stay alive during the cold months.

Monster - ???

The faction with the highest number of donations will get an extra special mod at March's game!

Out of Game:

Winter is rough, even more so when you don't have enough food to feed your family.  Food banks are a huge help during these months for families who need a little extra help.  This winter has already shown it's going to be hard for folks so let's do something to make things a little easier for those who are struggling.

How to participate:

  1. You can find your local Food Bank here.

  2. Drop off your food or money to the Food Bank.

  3. Send an email to   Make sure to let us know how many items/cash you donated, what faction you want to support and to what food shelter you donated to. You can do this as many times you like during the month of February!

  4. We will reward you 5 AP for each food item donated or $1-1AP for cash donations (rounded up as needed).

With just a little effort we can help to make the world a better place!