Hey, Did You Hear? - May's Rumors

Did you hear.png

“Lots of families are getting desperate with the war going on. It’s almost done killed some whole families out all the way.”

“Looks like the radio tower is up and running on shaky legs.  The Helldiver’s Society got the electric bits going, and have a signal!  Word over the air is that the ground’s going hot up north a way through he raider lines.  Looks like we’ll need a plan to make it northeast, towards the lake!”

“My brother saw one of them Damned Knights walking around behind the lines last night. They's all skulking around, preaching about how we's all in hell and such. Real creepy.”

“Looks like Zell-Ann ain’t gonna get that morgue moved after all.  Wonder how pissed she’s gonna be?”

Printed in a Mill City gossip rag found on the train: The Wasteland's most famous beekeeper, Abbe' Collins has been rumored to be making their way to Steel Horse Crossing to investigate a possible new strain of bees and assemble a team to acquire some for research and development.

“Some scientist was poking around south of town in the foliage.  Said he was from Bloom Industries, looking at some plants?  That seems to be an odd thing to do, running about in a forest poking at random greenery.”

“I sent Little Jimmy out to scrounge up some vittles and he came back with a slimy foot. We ain't no nasty Lasscies, so we dun wanna ate it.”