Hey, Did You Hear? - June's Rumors

The science of poop studyin’?  Sure, it’s a real thing.  Whaddya mean I’m weird?!

Those adventurin’ types sound like they turned up some bits of stuff that came at a hell of a radiation cost.  But, rumor has it, they’re pointed toward a different site?  Wonder how safe that one will be!

Helldiving, always a good way to put your life on the line.  Seems like things are a bit steadier this year, but those air pockets are still popping up all over the place.

I swore I saw a Lascarian out in the woods, but it looked twisted and deformed.  It choked something at me, like it didn’t have a voice no more, but I didn’t stick around to find out what it tried to say.  Nothing is worth that sight again.

Thought I saw something tracking us on the way into town.  Didn’t seem to be dangerous, at least not with the armed escort and all, but I’m wondering what will be coming out of the woods at some point.  Couldn’t tell if it was a person or an animal, to be honest.

Helldiver’s Society has a signal going for the radio, but it sounds like that area we’re headed to is a dead zone.  We’ll need to set up a receive sooner or later so we can get more information passed along to us.

The Ironworks is sending some interesting things along through the RPM.  Sounds like folks will be able to do a bit more work for extra payout.

The further we get into the weeds, the more crazy shit keeps coming out of them.  Gotta appreciate a town for at least enough activity to keep some of that at bay.

Psions?  Why is it always psions.  If they’re not causing trouble for themselves or someone else, they’re certainly getting us unwanted attention for “hiding” them.  And the more of them that show up, the more zed we get.  What’s the point?  Get rid of ‘em…

Y’hear old Jethro talkin up a storm in hole last night?  I didn’t think he drank enough to start talking about “smart plants” and cows that follow commands.  We need to start drinking what he’s having.

Don’t ask what a Godiva is.  Just hope you never see it.