Hey, Did You Hear? - October's Rumors

“My sister’s husband’s family lives next to the Steel Bloods encampment and said they’ve been dealing with some “un-neighborly behavior”. I dunno what that means, but I betcha they’re gonna ask some folk to help ‘em do something about it.”


“Joe, you seen the docks lately? Between the Harrington PLC and the SHC Navy’s reg’lur business and preparing for the big market, its been going strong day and night!’




“So many of them Church of Darwin followers have been flocking to town lately that the local Darwins need to make some info packets to hand out to ‘em!”


“Your Solestros boyfriend said some companies called Sterling and Bloom were looking for investors. What’s that mean? Do they only take money or can I invest some cows now for more cows later?”


“Seems like a lotta folks are coming back from big adventures out in the Wastes. Gramma said she saw a big flying ship coming this way, but she’s reeeeal old so I dunno if she sees too good no more.”


“Ya know those loud-as-hell noises you heard last night? An RPM fella said that was Sophie Gates rolling back into town with a buncha half-raiders lookin’ to move em into the RPM compound. I wonder how mad Abe’s gonna be about her leaving that baby with ‘im way back when?”


“So lemme get this straight… If I want to buy something ‘under the table’, I gotta go to the nasty side of town where folks get killed on the regular? Shit, being a criminal sounds dangerous!”