November Quarterly Marketplace

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The Great Lakes Trading Company proudly presents:

The Steel Horse Crossing Quarterly Marketplace!

After years of prosperity and growth we have a whole host of talented crafters available to show their wares and tempt the wasteland with their delicious foods. Bring your own merchandise and set up your own stall! No taxes will be levied on your sales, no Ironworks to demand their share. Just farmers, artisans and foodies providing goods and services to the broader wastelands!

To register for a booth, let Captain Maggie know where you plan on setting up, and what you plan on selling and she will make sure the area is cleared of debris (and zed and zed debris) before trade begins.

OOC Information:

Folks are encouraged to create “Vendor Booths” in safe locations anywhere on site with space in Town Hall so long as it doesn’t interfere with the workstations or cause fire hazards. Folks are encouraged to promote their businesses, skills and wares in a genre setting to represent the economic growth of SHC.

No real money transactions during game, this should be for IC money only, but you are free to make a list of folks to catch up with after game if need be.

An example: The Corvids will be creating a grab & go counter at their Wayside for the Quarterly Marketplace, selling hot beverages, soups, stews, and pastries. They will be providing eco-friendly, biodegradable to-go containers for convenience.

Be aware of the weather when planning your booths, it will get chilly and you may need a way to stay warm.

You can contact Captain Maggie by emailing Please let us know where you plan on setting up your stall and what you plan on selling. As always, areas are first come first served.