Hey, Did You Hear? - November's Rumors

“Have you seen how many vendor booths are setting up for the Quarterly Marketplace? It looks like town’s finally on the up & up!”

“What is with all these derned raiders again? How’s they getting’ through thedefenses?”

“My sister said there’s some folks working to patrol with the Steel Bloods. She says its ‘cause folks want to get the town back, but I dunno ‘cause I know lotsa folks who wanna fight ‘em too. It could get reeeal messy.”

“Been lotsa problems with the waterways lately. Raids on the docks, dammed-up streams, and bad weather making smaller boats sink. The sailing folks sure have their hands full!”

“Oh shit, its TV bullshit season. I’m hiding til Spring.”

“A coupla lascies came into the tavern and were mumbling about townsfolk helping them break down some wall in the tunnels. Couldn’t pay me enough to go down in that nasty dark crap anyday!”

“Did you see the size of the bird them’s Norskes were buying? Looks like they’re either going to war again or having some big feast. I suppose its probably both.”

“I just about shit my pants when I saw a buncha Tainted walking past my place yesterday. Thought we was gonna end up with another war again!”