The Night Riders Grassroots Collective

Red Stars and the Madtown Commune Splinter Cell

“How’d we get our name?  Well that’s easy, man… in the middle of Merican-central, with all the rides, like, zooming up and down the Ironworks, the best way to get from place to place is to stick out your thumb.  Most folks used to ignore us, but lately, we ‘excursionist’ types are getting noticed.  Ain’t no need to use that capitalist idolatry to commute when you got ass or grass.  Night Riders, baby.  No better way to fly.”  - Sandy Moon, Night Rider Mare, Sawbones

In the middle of a capitalist hub, a bastion of liberals and communists have risen to thrive over the years.  The Madtown Commune has long been a collective work between those that believe in communal works, and the Sainthood of Ashes around them that have made Madtown a place of healing and hope.  These are things that are difficult to find in the bleak Ironworks, and the strength of conviction the locals hold to these ideals has held all the pieces together with very little resistance.  Medicine, science, engineering, literacy and invention all thrive in Madtown.  While originally the Ironworks saw the Commune as a place of threats and defiance, they have more recently come to understand the fine balance that can be provided with cheap labor and open minds.

Fortunately, the founders of Steel Horse Crossing saw the benefits of their liberal neighbors and, despite the protest from Mill City, took those loyal and helpful citizens of Madtown under wing in order to ensure a good work ethic and a thriving community.  The population of Steel Horse has adjusted as they grew, and the Ironworks has made a point to supply the town with more material than is necessary in order to properly fuel the industry of the Night Riders, the local splinter of the parent Madtown Commune.  In fact, it is a locally held ideal that the Night Riders Grassroots Collective, or the NRGC, are being favored for certain work due to the desire to keep courting the skills and abilities available to them.

Anyone, particularly Red Stars and those sharing the beliefs of the Sainthood of Ashes, are welcome to join the NRGC as long as they agree with the primary principles of both the local and regional cells.  At the heart of their work, the Night Riders are formed around the common beliefs of many Red Stars: The community is paramount to the individual, and should be provided for by everyone in the community.

The Night Riders are split into titles to venerate their age and ability to survive.  The titles are not a formality, but just another adjective by which to refer to someone with respect.

Children: Colt (Male), Filly (Female)

Adult: Stallion (Male), Mare (Female)

Elder: Sire (Male), Dam (Female)

Just as important to the NRGC members are those named as adversaries, who would treat others with disrespect or disdain.  While the NRGC realizes that not everyone shares their beliefs or values, those that would specifically undermine or harm them are labeled as either Geldings – harmless, but otherwise not pleasant – or Glue – to be avoided at all costs.