Vegasians, Red Stars and Reclaimers in Steel Horse Crossing


Vegasia, and Vegas City, are a long way from the Ironworks.  You would think that might deter the Vegasians from making such a trek, but the draw of spreading some of the worst the strains have to offer cannot be contained by mere distance.  As such, the Vegasians that have migrated to the Ironworks have done so typically out of pure greed or the desire to get plenty of distance between themselves and trouble.  Monoliths of gambling and houses of ill-repute have been built over the years, dedicated to ensuring that a little piece of Vegas City always remains in the beating heart of the iron monster.  Steel Horse Crossing is no exception, and for those that seek even more solitude (or distance!) from the everyday city life, it offers an out of the way refuge from bustling activity.  The fact that the town turns a decent profit and that there is money to be made off those gullible enough to have it taken is really only a secondary point of interest.  Also, I believe this bridge over here would suit you nicely…

Red Star

The Ironworks has been hard on the Red Stars from the start, clearly contradicting the entire strain’s belief in a non-capitalistic society.  The roaring machine of industry and trade has, by and large, ostracized the Red Stars into the nether regions of the Northern Ironworks.  Madtown has become a true refuge for those of the Red Star blood, and the Sainthood of Ashes has been aligned to assist them for as many years as most can remember.  This unlikely alliance has formed two very beneficial aspects that has kept Madtown alive rather than trampled under the boot heels of the Works.  First, the laborers of Madtown continue to produce for next to nothing in the eyes of the Ironworks – they work towards the goals of the overall community, and in good faith, the Ironworks enables the commune to grow with resources that are given freely.  Second, the science offered from the free thinking individuals is sought after and, in the case of Steel Horse Crossing, requested across the various nearby cities and settlements.  In particular, Steel Horse has been more welcoming of the Madtown commune due to the efficient work available.  The general community has gotten used to supplying both Madtown and their Red Star allies with the necessary material for building and survival, fueled by the resources of the Ironworks.

Interestingly enough, Madtown is also the bastion of free Iron Slaves in the Northern Works, as all those who labor are considered equal in the commune.  While that kind of open abolitionist talk may find one in life-threatening trouble elsewhere, it is standard fare in this region.  Most are very careful not to talk like this outside the commune however, as stories of death sentences and worse have scared most mouths closed.


The Frozen North is a place where Reclaimers flourish and, in general, hold a distinct hatred for the Ironworks on the whole.  The family-focused strain generally shuns the concept of slavery, and those that have oral or written history passed to them have even more rational purposes behind their disdain.  Suffice to say that while Reclaimers have an innate reason to both fear and hate the lands to the south, only few know the reasons why.  That isn’t to say there are no Reclaimers in the Ironworks – in fact, the further north one travels, the more likely they are to be found.  While Reclaimers are more insular, and prefer their own kind, a small portion of the population has opted to open themselves to non-Reclaimers for trade and, in rare cases, something akin to adoptive family.  The few Reclaimers that have decided to make the Ironworks their home are typically either interested in trade and profit, or were warriors that gave up the fight against the Ironworks foe, and assimilated in the face of certain death.

Of course, Reclaimer scouting and raiding parties are also fairly normal in the Northern Ironworks, so Reclaimers have it a bit more difficult when it comes to integrating into polite society.  The average citizen of the Works is just as likely to be hostile as they are to give any Reclaimer a chance to explain themselves.