Hey, Did You Hear? - September's Rumors

“That Junior Black fella is General of some kind of fascist regime that’s trying to take over the area. Have you seen the thugs he’s got in his group?”

“My sister told me that our local graverobber was trying ta get some folks more infection so’s they don’t die soon but ended up killing a buncha folks in the process. Don’t seem like a good trade-off, does it?”

“The Steel Bloods sure have been doing a lot to help the town. They’s been coming into the area in droves and helping folks make traps and zed attractant to help with the oncoming horde. I guess our folks invited em to live here now and join the town government?”

“Town hasn’t done any elections yet, but they’ve done some judging and laws-makin’ and such. Prolly a good idea since town’s been getting so big these last few years.”

“Didja see the Norske fightin’ some guy last trade? He had their scarf, but they was fightin’ him, so who knows if they’re family or foe? Those Norske are confusing.”

“Folks sure have been researching that sickness going around, but I ain’t seen it getting anything but worse. They’s didn’t even have a library last trade, so they’re just talking to each other to figure out what to do. I’m tired of moving around and feeling sick, so’s them smart folk better hurry!”

“Holy Moly! A meat cult came to the Church of Bacon and they ended up sacrificing one of their own outside the kitchen and then when a fight broke out, the leader died and took Bells with him! Don’t worry though, one of the graverobbers spent a fortune of stuff and saved her. Now there’s group of people who’s gonna go hunting the cult down!”

Consecrated to Cataclysm: The Story of Steel Horse Crossing’s Great Tree

To read part 1 & 2 click here.

Part 3

The animals and undead became exponentially more hostile and toxic the longer that they were exposed to the sickness over time. The disease spread a little more every day, affecting the water table and every living thing that needs water to exist. A few people took samples of the soil and plants to research what was happening with the environment, but the lack of prior examples in the limited libraries available to them kept their knowledge too limited to find any kind of permanent solution.

At the same time, the raider threat started to increase significantly. The sheer volume of raiders that attacked Steel Horse Crossing was immense, causing its people to close off parts of town so that the denizens could stay better protected. At first, it was just large numbers of the Cheesehead raiders. Then, Bada’s forces moved in with the assistance of several clans of Pitstops, leaving the local citizens caught in the middle. Eventually, the situation became bad enough that the Iron Works intervened and the resulting shelling of sizeable and irradiated explosives between the raiders and the Iron Works was substantial. The Raider War eventually ended with the citizens of Steel Horse Crossing mostly surviving, but the damage to the land itself was irreparable. (S3, 2018)


Part 4

The irradiated, diseased zone became more virulent and widespread than ever before with its exposure to the immense amounts of radioactive shelling done during the Raider War. Locals from the outskirts of Steel Horse Crossing had started coming into town with a new, more-intensified version of the sickness the land itself had, manifesting itself as growths of irradiated fungus on the face and body. The people of Steel Horse Crossing continued having to move around to different parts of the town to keep from growing sick from radiation and disease. At this point, a few townspeople took samples of the glowing mushrooms, the fungus from the diseased settlers’ faces, the soil, and other items to more vigilantly research what was causing this catastrophic environmental disaster. They finally are starting to discover that this sickness in the land is so incredibly widespread, so vast, that it is impossible to cure except through diligent, expensive means over a very long period of time.

During this time, the townspeople haven’t noticed the subtle, silent mutations that have been taking place within their cells, their DNA, while being exposed to this diseased, irradiated land for such an extensive amount of time. Some of their knowledge is starting to fade from their mind and be replaced with different intuitions and skills. Key aspects of their strain are starting to fall away and be replaced by different attributes and mutations. The changes are so subtle, so gradual, that people probably have just started to notice that the way they’ve existed for their entire lives is now beginning to be slightly different… (S4, 2019, 2.0 Finale) 

Consecrated to Cataclysm: The Story of Steel Horse Crossing’s Great Tree

Part 1

Several years ago, when Steel Horse Crossing was just starting to grow into a town again, a Natural One tribe called the Kishwaukee came to the townspeople to ask for their help. They had a history of working with the local townspeople for several generations, even before the incident with the local Lascarians. They had come into town to meet this new group of settlers to gain some help in ending the sickness that was plaguing their tribe.

Members of the Kishwaukee had disappeared. Those of the tribe that were still left were now starving. And most importantly, their sacred tree was not well. At first, they noticed it wasn’t producing as many leaves during the Spring and Summer. Then, the leaves started to rot instead of changing colors and drying in the Autumn. Over the Winter, the tree started to drop its rotten leaves and the rot started to take hold onto the bark of the tree. Then they noticed a colorful ooze coming from small cracks in its bark and that the rot had started to happen to the surrounding trees in the grove. The surrounding plant life died, leaving nothing but an ever-increasing circle of strange, colorful mold covering the ground.

Their high priest Achak, who spoke with the Voice of the Great Tree, became unwell in the mind. The sicker the tree became, the less sense Achak made. Only during short moments of clarity did Achak articulate that there was something horribly wrong with the Tree. The priest kept saying that “something that doesn’t belong here” has “taken home inside”. They would mumble about “rotting from the inside,” “sweetness of decay,” and “the outside taking over”. Achak was powerful and highly respected amongst all the local tribes as the Speaker for the Great Tree and the Keeper of the Seasons, and so their warnings were considered quite dire. Achak died while several people from Steel Horse Crossing looked on. That Winter, the people of Steel Horse Crossing nearly died from starvation. (S1, 2016)

Part 2

The sickness continued to spread, affecting the surrounding natural areas, local plants, and wildlife. A type of ant that lived within the infected area started to mutate due to prolonged exposure to the sickness, causing them to start producing a secretion that they spread upon the local fauna. This goopy secretion kept once-living things from sinking into the earth or decomposing at their natural rate. Pieces of once-living creatures were found all over the area and when the people of Steel Horse Crossing investigated these intact pieces of bodies, they contracted an unusual disease that manifested much like tuberculosis and left them severely violent and anxious. The townspeople cured those who contracted the onset of this unusual disease but did not discover its source. At this point, the entire Kishwaukee clan, except for a scarce few, contracted the sickness and died. The few that survived joined another clan and the Kishwaukee were no more.

The Kishwaukee were not the only victims to the infection of the land. The animals of the area started to mutate more quickly and aggressively than ever before. Several of the undead started attacking with toxic and irradiated blows. The ground itself split due to the old, fiery mines below the town, opening huge pressurized fissures that spewed enormous plumes of disorienting steam and intense blacklung-causing smoke. Several people became incredibly sick during that Helldive season, trying to save the area from the imminent disaster and destruction that had come annually to the area for decades. (S2, 2017)

Stay tuned for more hype in the next installment of Consecrated to Cataclysm: The Story of Steel Horse Crossing’s Great Tree!

The Elder Council and You

As we start gearing up for a time jump, and what that means for the game, there’s been a lingering question from folks that seems easy to address:  What is “The Elder Council”?

When we put together the Wisconsin game years back, we looked across all the games in the network to see how their models worked (or didn’t work) for the game we wanted our players to experience.  One of the things that we took away from that research was the need to have an NPC setup in which the game runners had control over issues that directly impacted the play, well-being and fairness for all players across the game.  The concept of the Elder Council was specifically placed into use for that purpose – when we saw the potential for abuse, or instances where players could inadvertently change the experience for players in a way they hadn’t considered, we had the option of stepping in and having the more nebulous NPC group use certain plot and drivers as course corrections. The aspect was built into history that the original families (and specifically their strains) would keep control over their land with enough input to ensure the Ironworks was appeased, and that the core interests of those groups were a general undertone.

Fast forward a while, and we’ve not only leveraged the original purpose, but also have used the NPC group to advance plot, offer unique opportunities that weren’t easy to build in otherwise, and course correct when things went beyond the bounds of the game we had been running.  We’ve always been open to player agency, but at the same time, we’ve been particularly up front that certain aspects of the world around your characters have their own life and will impact the game just as much as the characters in those cases.  So what does that have to do with today?

If you’ve been to game recently, you’ll know that the town has been given a lot more freedom with the Ironworks mostly out of the picture. (Maybe? For now?  Forever?)  The aspect of building a small portion of the larger ‘city’ area that is Steel Horse has fallen to individual zones, and this game exists in one particular zone, while NPC factions (see 3.0 for more detail there) will exist alongside them in various capacities.  The chance to govern the specific area in question – the place where characters live, gather, and otherwise experience game – means everyone gets a chance to help guide that part of the world.  That also opens the door to options that the game runners will need to keep an eye on.  Are our new players being treated just as fairly as our veterans?  Is there a way that a single person or small group is taking advantage of that system in order to make the game experience worse for others?  Is a core principle of our game’s background disappearing without NPC input?  All those items and more will still require an eye on the general ideals we want to ensure remain true in our play space.

What this doesn’t mean is that the game runners want to run your game and part of town top down.  We aren’t interested in the micromanagement of how the players and their PCs want to play the game aside from providing a fun environment.  We are definitely not going to look at every law a council of PCs would pass and say “Nah, don’t wanna” when it doesn’t impede, or cause problems for, other players.  These NPCs aren’t going to show up for no reason and take over the game.  They are there solely for the constructive well-being and longevity of all players, and when otherwise specifically engaged, to enhance the roleplay of characters.  You can have any number of interactions with them, but they should not be expected to be regular visitors or iron-fisted rulers.  Within some small boundaries, they are there for story and gentle nudging.  Think of them as a kind of NPC landlord: as long as things are going reasonably well, you won’t see them.  As with any NPC, they will also have a life of their own, and respond to PCs accordingly if they are so engaged.

Localizing 3.0 and Downfall 2019

Long ago, just after the Fall, there were only a few Dystopia Rising games.  Those few games grew into a small network, where things worked for the collective groups involved.  During that time, those large national events we’ve seen over the years worked really well.  As the network grew, those events were harder to work into every branch’s schedules, and it was harder to get everyone into one place to have fun together.  

Today, we have so many branches running every weekend that the concept of a single national event conflicts with the goals of having so many local games available.  Players must decide where to spend their time, money and weekends already – a national event just added to that strain.  Each branch voted on whether to change that format up in order to better serve our community, and we unanimously decided to implement a new format for the network.  Today, we’re announcing a change to how things work with PREMIER EVENTS!

Premiere events are special games held once a year by each game.  Those games are now split into regions, so that each region can have these special games available to them.  Each premiere event is a blend of a larger game with nation-wide plot arcs and local flavor.  Regions look like this today:

DR Regions.jpg

Region One
Current Games: Massachusetts
, New York, New Jersey
Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut

Region Two
Current Games: Oklahoma
, Arkansas, Texas, Florida, Georgia
Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina

Region Three
Current Games: Wisconsin
, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio
Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, West Virginia, Virginia, Minnesota

Region Four
Current Games: Washington
, Oregon
Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota,

Region Five
Current Games: Northern California
, Southern California, Colorado, New Mexico
Nevada, Utah, Arizona

These events will replace the national event format we’ve see in the past, and opens up the door for us to dig into our plot arcs locally and share our flavor with visitors.  At the same time, we’ll still have plot running through the network that we’ll also have access to in these events so we can continue to tie all the chapters together.

Additional information about these events includes:

  • Premiere events can be three OR four day events.  A fourth day would add $25 to the overall cost of the event.

  • Premiere events offer an optional five (5) additional build, similar to other event games.  That build would $50 to the overall cost of the event.

  • Premiere events start in 2019, scheduled with every effort to not overlap other event games.  In the case of DR: Wisconsin, our Premiere event for 2019 is the November game at Camp Evelyn.

  • In 2020, all branches may run 1 Premiere even per year as long as they keep up with all the obligations in their contracts.  We will announce the date for a 2020 Premiere game as soon as all branches schedules are submitted, and we have that date!

  • Premiere events help tie regions together with plot, opening the door to having players work across multiple games to invest in story and activities even beyond the premiere events.

Overall, this opens to the door to a lot more opportunity, both in focusing on our local communities and our interactions between each branch, which will hopefully bring all our players closer together as well!  We won’t be ignoring branches and regions beyond our own – we can absolutely work with them too – but we want to ensure our focus is on our local communities and the quality we can provide you each game.

This shift also opens the door many future options to focus locally and allows our players to directly support their local branches!  A few more changes that you’ll see as we make this shift include:

  • Advanced Memberships will be sold locally, starting around the mid-September time-frame.

  • All branch merchandise will shift to the branches directly, and will be sold locally and online, with expanding options for customization.

  • Other changes may occur, and we’ll keep you up to date as any new information rolls out!

With the above changes shifting our current practices, it was also decided to cancel the 2019 Downfall event.  More information can be found in the link below, which will also include instructions for anyone that pre-registered for the event.  The goal of every branch, and INC as the company presenting this event, is to ensure you have outstanding customer service through this process.  Please read the link and follow any steps that apply, and know that we will ensure you do not suffer due to this change.  If you have any questions or concerns, we will help you navigate whatever comes up – please do reach out to us for assistance at any point.


We hope you see the benefit and potential for these new changes, and join us for new ways to tell stories with you and your friends as our continued focus.


Heather and Mike Surma

Hey, Did You Hear? - August's Rumors

“So my sister says a buncha folks have been coming into town with fungus and crap growing out of ‘em. She says some docs took the stuff off of em and are testing it, but are we gonna get sick too ?”


“Some loud-ass Merican fella came into the tavern after last trade sayin’ he done killed that scary highwayman witch fella. I don’t know if it were the whiskey talking or if he actually done it.”


“With no laws in town, a  buncha folks got killed. Hell, I heard one lady got herself killed by townsfolk at least twice!”


“Uncle Troff said the radiation is almost all over Steel Horse by now and we’re gonna haveta either all deal with having radsick, move somewhere else, or find some kind of solution. I don’t wanna leave!”


“Did you know you can pay the folks at the paper to say whatever you want? Hell, if you got enough money, you can lie as much as you like!”

“That makes me want to read the paper more.”

“yeh, me too!”


“Rumors been floating around that the elder council don’t like summa the laws being made and that a coupla folks are all mad at em for it.”

“So? It ain’t like they’re going anywhere. They own the damned land.”


“Looks like the local businesses are really stepping up their game! There’s a fancy teahouse, a farmstand, a tavern, a restaurant, a brothel & gambling house, and all sorts of cool places. Sure makes me wish I had more money!”

3.0 Questions & Answer Session #2

Q: By my reading, there is no longer FIRE and POISON damage types. Fire simply deals body, but will green packets also go extinct? If not, will Shields still stop poison/green packets? Should we assume that shields only stop blue packets and throwers then?

A: Until more blueprints come out to change the answer, yes.  Shields only stop blue packets and throwers.  We do not currently have green packets in 3.0.  If that changes we will let you know.


Q:  Are the workshop spaces going to have tool props, or should we still carry them ourselves?

A: The workstations will have everything you need, however, if you would like to still carry tools to reinforce your costuming concept you are welcome to.


Q: Particular psionic abilities are incredibly powerful, particularly @ lvl3 (e.g. pyrokinesis)  and there doesn't seem to be any counters available to non-psionic using PCs. Is this power imbalance being evaluated?

A:  Master Mental Endurance gives you the ability to negate all psionic effects, there are also some blueprints that allow you to negate psionic effects as well.  Not to mention how difficult it will be to get Master level skills to begin with.  There is also the aspect of consensual CvC.  If you need to use it against another player, you will need to get their consent.  Yes, that skill is very powerful, but it already has balances in place.


Q: Are having to carry the 12oz bottles a must?

A:  Currently you must phys rep every brew you carry.  3.0 doesn’t change that, but if you are not carrying 6 brews, you don’t have to phys rep those brews.  The supply bag can be totally empty outside of your cards if the weight is a concern. But all brews you plan on using/selling must have a phys rep, just like 2.0.


Q: Can you describe anomaly powers as variants, i.e. instead of base pyrokinesis, my character does the same mechanical effect, but as cold?

A: Not at this time.  The effects are very specific and though there might be blueprints to adjust this in the future but as it stands now, the skill is exactly what it says in the book.


Q: There seems to be disparity between the differences between exotic items and guns. under the Florentine skill it makes these distinctions:

1. "...combination of two melee weapons, exotic weapons, or firearms..."

2. "This six strike flurry only applies when using a combination of melee and exotic weapons (guns fire as fast as they will)..."

So are exotic weapons flurry based or reload based?

A: Exotic weapons are both melee and ranged, so they can be either.


Q: Will concentrate fire and sniped shot be added as blueprint powers?

A: We do not have that information at this time. 


Q:  Do you need to be master level exp to use master level items? To clarify - a base 1 damage can can be still called by any one wilding a master level weapon, right?

A:  Anyone can pick up any weapon and swing for 1s.  If you have the skill to use the master level effect, then you can use that too.  If you do not, then you cannot and it will still swing for 1.


Q: I’ve seen a lot of complaints that the strains have been largely homogenized, particularly Red Stars and Ascensorites, both benefits and detriments. While I can see this as a leveling of the strains, it is at the cost of a great deal of flavor. What was the thinking, here? They aren’t required to defend their own people, anymore, for instance.

A: The 3.0 book was created to help new players come into game as easily as possible.  It cuts back on a lot of the flavor of each strain because that tends to overwhelm new players who just want to jump in and try stuff out.  The flavor is still there and can still be a part of your role play if you wish it to be, it just isn’t a required mechanic anymore.  Want to make it important to your character to defend your own people?  Do it!  It is your role play and that is a totally viable way to tell your story.  The splat books are still cannon.  3.0 doesn’t really cut back on the flavor, but rather removes the mandatory mechanics of playing the strain.  Your role play can still maintain most of what it has today.


Q: Regarding cult Faiths, do we need to maintain ten, or just start with ten? Do we need to replace one if someone dies or starts playing?

A:  When the cult is approved it must have 10 players.  If something happens after that to lessen the numbers we aren’t going to immediately disband the cult, however, we will be requesting you start looking into a different faith if it falls below a sustainable number because at that point it becomes an issue.  But no, we won’t immediately disband the cult for falling below 10 if someone can’t make it to game anymore.


Q: What kind of turnaround time can we expect on action request responses? For example, my ascensorite ascends in November, should I request in October?

A: Giving us more time means you get a better mod to help you with your action request.  We must have the action request at least two weeks prior to game if you aren’t looking for something that requires props or face NPCs.  A month in advance is preferable.  We want to give your request as much time and effort as we can to make the best experience we can.


Q: How much blood (in body points) does a semper need to drink per game?

A: They need to drink once per game.


Q: Will I not mention my characters slave background any longer in 3.0?

A: Your background remains the same.  We simply won’t be allowing new players to enter with slavery in their background going forward.  We are not going to remove your story from play if you were playing during the time slavery was a thing.  We will be asking folks to not focus their role play on that aspect of their character, however.  We will be giving story prompts for the 3 year gap that will give the players a reason to focus on the value of freedom, rather than the hardship of their time during slavery. 


Q: Will there be an approved national blaster list anymore?

A: There will not.  All weapons will be safety checked at every game and will need to be one pull, one dart. 


Q:  Should we change a character's approved background based on things that change in 3.0?

A: If you have questions about your background feel free to email us and we can discuss it.  Generally, the answer is no, but we are happy to go into details with you if you have concerns.  Toss Val an email at val@dystopiarisingwi.com to discuss in more detail.


Q: Will there be an announcement as to which areas of each campground are “civilized” zones and which “cvc-heavy combat” zones?

A: Yup!  We will announce it at opening announcements AND we are planning to have neat little genre’d signs to put up for in game.


Q: Will previously open strains have new costuming/background requirements?

A: They might, we will let you know as we get closer to the date.


Q: A concern I’ve heard (though I don’t suffer it) is requirements for reclaimers to have contacts, full stop. Some folks apparently can’t wear contacts. Is it possible to have a doctor’s note to bypass some of their requirements instead of losing resolve?

A: There is a lot you can do with costuming to meet the required needs however, there are some strains that simply won’t be playable by some folks due to the costuming requirements needed to play the strain.  There are plenty of others to choose from that won’t have the same requirements and we encourage folks to make decisions based on their own costuming limitations.


Q:  How will losing Resolve based on strain traits work? If I'm playing a Solestros., do I have to be obviously and outrageously competitive? How would you make the call for trait-based resolve loss for traits like DJ's lack of smell sense or a Saltwises dry skin?

A:  If a mod tests that strain trait and you don’t follow it, the guide on duty will tap you and discuss it.  Otherwise it is trust based.  You tell us when you feel like your character isn’t following it, or if it is super obvious, we will follow up with you out of character.  But we aren’t going to stalk you to make sure you are playing up your strain 100% all day, every day.


Q:  This may have been asked but is there any idea where or how big the Wasteland (CVC) area will be in SHC? Will it be like outside of the buildings are Wasteland or will it be like (IE. over by the lake this area is the Wastelands?

A: We will have an announcement on that soon!  It depends on the campsite, obviously, but there will be maps!

3.0 Question & Answer Session Transcripts

Q: There are rumors afloat that the only weapon phys reps that will be permitted in 3.0 will be those crafted by DR officially authorized crafters.

A: Incorrect, any artist can create a weapon phys rep.  All weapons must past safety inspection at game as usual.


Q: For the rebuilds will all our experience points be melted down and available only for 1 character?

A: Each character will have their XP totals transferred to the new system.  You may then create or recreate a character with those totals. Keep in mind if you have three characters, you will have three separate totals.  You can put whatever character you like on whatever total you would like.  If you wish to bring a permed character back from the dead, please remember that you MUST get chapter approval to do so.


Q: Is the world building information in the tabletop books still canon? (Other than things such as the Iron strain name/other previously current slavery material, which is obviously no longer relevant to the present).

A: Currently, yes.  Onyx Path may change things in the future, but as it stands the splat books are still viable for canon purposes.


Q: Will those of us who already have Advanced Membership be charged the difference between the previous and new prices? Will our memberships drop or continue?

A: Your Advanced Membership will continue unchanged until it runs out, then you will need to purchase the Advanced Membership at the new rate.


Q: Will plot strings from 2.0 carry over with the time skip? (Such as, if I owe debt to an NPC and don't pay before the skip, will that debt come back to bite?)

A: This is a very personal question.  Some things will carry over the time skip, rover deals, non-time dependent plot strings, etc.  Some things will not.  If you have a specific question feel free to email and we can talk specifics.

Q:  Is strainism gone? Can differences between strains still be remarked upon in RP? Are Lineages to replace strain stratification?

A: Forced strainism is gone.  Baywalkers and Yorkers no longer are forced to hate each other via role play mechanics.  That doesn’t mean you have to like each other, but it’s not the strain that causes the dislike, rather something else.  Example: “That retrograde just gooped in my drink, how gross!”  Lineages are simply new information for the scientifically minded characters.  A research in genetics gave us new information to play with in game.


Q: The language in the book has changed from 2.0: no sexism, racism, etc. to 3.0: no parallels to real world oppression. Does this new language include such things as economic oppression? Are there no longer capitalism or totalitarian horrors in the wastes?

A: The idea of ‘real world oppression’ is personalized oppression based on the protected categories of age, sex, race, etc.  Economic oppression can still be a topic of play.


Q:  This might sound dumb and irrelevant, but I noticed the book only mentions caravans, cars, and airships. Trains still exist...right? If for some reason they don't anymore, did they ever, or did they just stop working?

A: Trains and boats still exist.  It was not an all encompassing list.


Q:  This will probably be answered by plot in the coming months...but is the Ironworks actually just gone?  The Chancellor is gone too? If so, would the Daleys still be considered important in the Ironworks?

A:  Great question!  We don’t know until Onyx Path puts out their book on the subject.  What that means for SHC is that we are going to be focusing our plot on the local area alone.  The people of the Ironworks still exist, but who knows what is going on up at the top?  Most of the big wigs are missing in action and therefore unable to be reached for comment.


Q: Okay I noticed that bullets have been limited to 50 combined darts or packets for guns. I am okay with this if, and it is a big if they could come out with a Gizmo ammo can (properly phys rep) for those of us with resources and time to prepare for a big fight. I have often carried 75 packets in the current system as I have run out of packets in big fights with only 50. I find this limitation along with projectile reduction and projectile immunity on zed to be closer to balancing the difference between melee and projectiles.

A:  The current blueprint list is just the bare bones basic blueprint list to get the game up and running.  There are more prints coming in the future and many possibilities that could happen based on those future blueprints.  This would be a wait and see situation.


Q: What are the differences between the directors? What does experience design mean? For example.

A: There are no more Directors, there are Owners and Employees.  Currently in Dystopia Rising: Wisconsin you have two owners and one employee.  Heather is in charge of Marketing, Customer Service(answering emails and communication), Community Management (keeping folks upbeat and excited) and Logistics (cards, inventory, character sheets), Mike is in charge of Visual Design (the way the game looks) and Conflict Resolution and Val is in charge of Experience Design(plot and story).


Q: As far as new players and exp/build, are new players truly coming in with no skills purchased, the language seems to indicate that to be the case.

A: Correct!  The idea behind 3.0 is to make this as friendly to new players as possible and to focus on story, rather than mechanics.  New players now focus on creating a character with a backstory and a costume and learn skills as they are needed during role play.  New players won’t have to worry about trying to find a build that suites their playstyle, and instead can worry about getting skills they actually need to have to have the experience they wish to have.  Since all weapons skills are inborn, they don’t have to worry about being able to learn those skills to protect themselves.  They can just pick up a weapon and use it!


Q: I'm slightly confused about home chapters vs travel chapters when it comes to an Advanced Membership. It looks like all of your characters now have to be based in the same "home" chapter even with an Advanced Membership, is that accurate?

A: You can role play your character to be based out of any area you would like, but administratively you have one point of contact to deal with character sheet issues and updates.  That is your ‘home’ game. 


Q: Can you explain zones?

A: There are now two ‘zones’ in 3.0.  The more civilized town center where the crafting stations and sleeping areas are and the wasteland where more intense combat and CvC heavy areas are.  Feel free to hang out in the area that most suites your characters!


Q: Perhaps this was handled via updates, however I'm struggling to find how Local Currency is introduced into the game aside from Elitariat Lineage advantage. Is this intended or did I miss a way for other Lineages to activate Proficient and deeper Civilized skills?

A: Most check in skills have gone by the wayside in 3.0.  Local Currency is introduced via plot and local mods.  These mods will be role play heavy with some aspect of toyetics introduced in order to give you a more immersive experience.  Examples: Work orders from the Locals/Navy requesting supplies for currency, Work details where scouting parties get paid for scouting things, etc.


Q:  If you currently have an AP, can you apply for another immediately or do you need to wait until 6 months from the 3.0 start?

A: If you currently have an AP you may start 3.0 with an AP.  Please make sure to check in with your local chapter to make sure you get this aspect of your character set up properly, not all APs are labeled the same.


Q: What's going on with crafting stations? Will there be prints? Can be build our own crafting stations to sequester away in the middle of the woods where Warpaths live?

A: At the start of 3.0 all crafting stations will be provided by the local chapter and will be set up in highly genrefied areas.  We do not know if there will be blueprints in the future to give the players access to ‘mobile crafting units’.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.


Q: Will there still be restricted strains?

A: There are no restricted strains.  There WILL be costuming and backstory requirements for certain strains.  More information about that will be available on our website when updated for 3.0.


Q:  So what is happening with assistance points?

A:  We don’t know yet.  Rest assured we are working on something.  But nothing official has been announced at this time.


Q: How soon after the switch can you apply for a Professional Focus Achievement?

A: 6 months after Downfall.  This will allow us to get everyone up to speed on playing the game in the new format so we can focus on giving you an awesome story to go with your Achievement.


Q: How will transfers be handled leading up to, or after 3.0? I heard that you no longer lose all your items/currency/etc?

A: Correct!  After 3.0 you will no longer have to turn in your cards/currency/blueprints.  If you would like to wait to 3.0 to transfer you are welcome to do so.  Until Downfall, however, transfers will be handled as the norm.


Q: Combat skills seem to be extremely item dependent, and the most items only give damage spike abilites. Is that on purpose, or because we have so few prints?

A: That is on purpose.  We want characters to have an element of danger in the new system.  We want folks to consider their tactics as well as their weapons.  Are you on high ground?  Do you have a way to funnel your enemies?  Be smart about your tactics and you will be just as deadly as before with easier math.


Q: When will we be able to exchange current stuff for 3.0 stuff?

A: The current timeline says August 1st.  There will be more announcements on this as we get closer.



Q: Will we be able to buy Infection and Resolve during the Rewrite Process?

A: You can purchase up to 6 resolve during the rewrite process.  Infection can only be increased with in character role play options.


Q: What is happening with our local cults? Will we be grandfathered in? Do those ten members need to be from the same chapter? Can we become part of the local cult during the time skip?

A:  Local cults who have 10 members will be grandfathered in.  They do not need to be from the same chapter but you will need to check with the local team to make sure they will be accepting that cult in their game after 3.0.  You can not become part of a local cult during the time skip.  If you would like to join one, you are welcome to do so before or after the time jump.


Q: Are NoA considered baptized into their faith in 3.0 to start?  Is that all Devoted, or just Accensorites?

A: We are checking with folks about this, but for the moment, it is just Nation of Accensor.


Q:  Will faith subsects carry over?

A:  Most of them should, yes.


Q:  Is one a "priest" just by taking Faith skills then?

A: One is a priest by their role play.  Do they act like a priest?  Do they follow a faith?  You are what your role play holds up to.  None of the faith-based skills demand you call yourself a priest, but if you want to be considered one, the faith based skills are extremely useful.  You are what you role play, ultimately.  If you want to be a priest that does nothing but preach the tenants of your faith, but has no desire to be able to baptize anyone or do any of the other priestly skills, they are still a priest, just not one with those skills.


Q:  So to be clear - since our characters are turned into "point pools" if we're keeping a character through the rewrite and they are part of a religion, will they be able to keep that religion without having to be rebaptized?

A: Correct.  Cults will need approval, but your base faiths will carry over, yes.  If you want them to.


Hey, Did You Hear? - July's Rumors

2019-07-01 11.57.15.jpg

“A couple of people been saying Bloom Industries’ been controlling all the raiders, mutated animals, and even made the nasty radlands problem we’s all been having. Why ain’t anybody blew them up yet?”


“Is Steel Horse a Final Knight hotspot now? Did you see how many came to town last trade? The local priests couldn’t even handle all their visitors! Are they taking over the Sainthood folks now?”


“I ain’t felt the land shakin’ or seen no steamvents opening yet this Summer. What happened that we ain’t got no Helldive anymore? Maybe all the radiation burned off the fire mines! Maybe its Bloom!”


“There’s another big ole pureblood party happening in Steel Horse again. Seems like there’s been a lot of those going on lately, considering how few fancypants we have here.”


“Looks like town’s trying to form some kind of government and laws again. Matt Dereck has been driving the process and it seems like most folks got a lotta skin in how it goes down.”


“So’s the Irons are all free now. That’s all good & great, but have you seen how many refugees have been coming into town? Thank goodness The Plantstation built them nice homes for ‘em to start over, else we’d prolly have more thievin’ and such.”


“Did you hear there’s a SMUT AND COOKIES event every trade at the Needs & Wants? Or is it the Lucky Strike? Whatever it’s called, THEY HAVE SMUT AND COOKIES!”


“I heard a couple folks mention Captain Gideon and Bartok are building an independent naval force to protect the town. Isn’t that just a fancy cover for being a bunch of pirates?”


“A bunch of the Darwins been looking into the radzone. I’m worried they’re gonna try to make it bigger and badder so that we all turn into rotfaced glow-eaters and they can take over as our glowing green overlords.”


“My sister said there’s an official Battle of The Bands happening on Saturday this trade. It's gonna be a helluva party if those rockstars can get their shit together.”

Hey, Did You Hear? - June's Rumors

Best Friends.jpg

“We sure are getting a lot of new folks in Steel Horse lately! S’practically almost a city now!”


“I heard that semper who made the town get attacked by a whole lotta zed owes everybody money or cakes or somethin’ for causing trouble for errybuddy”

“Did you see those Nattys walk right into town out of the radzone? They were glowing and talking about worshipping and researching and getting strong from it! All the Darwins were joining their gang and gunna end up glowing like that soon!”

“There’s a new compound out on the Southwest corner of SteelHorse that the Plantstation folks built that’s for all the newly freed Irons looking for a community to live in. They gots workbenches, houses, and all sorts of nice stuff! Its nicer than my house!”

“Did you hear that super-rich Purebloods in town are opening a teahouse and getting married and made a fashion show happen and started a charity foundation and hate anyone who wears the color orange in June!”

 “There’s good Fallows and bad Fallows ‘round here and the bad Fallows make psions into bombs and the good Fallows are trying to stop the bombs and just kill the psions all regular. Its kind of hard to know which is which though or who’s on what side of ‘em.”